Hey! This is Michelle Gindi, founder of Buddha Bowls and Burpees doing a guest post today! I am certified health coach and culinary instructor based out of NYC. In addition to coaching adults, I also coach children and teach them about healthy food.  Several years ago, I was constantly suffering from numerous ailments and decided to take my health into my own hands. I turned to a fully plant-based diet and found profound health results! I began working on my children as well to get them feeling their best! I want to share with you some tips that work in my own household with my 2 daughters as well as my young clients:  1. Take them shopping with you!  When I want my kids trying new food, I bring them along for the total shopping experience! They pick out the produce, scour the aisles for goodies and taste stuff right in the store shopping wagon! This way, I can stock up on their favorites right on the spot!  One important caveat-- DO NOT take them to a regular supermarket filled with aisles of junk food and soda! Take them to an organic specialty store like Dean's Natural Food Market, where making a healthy choice is easy! 2. Teach your kids what healthy food does for them. If my young clients play little league, I remind them that orange vegetables help their eyesight so they can see a far away ball in the outfield. For my little students I tell them that purple foods like beets help their memory which can make them ace their reading and math tests. Each plant gives us special nutrients and teaching kids what each color does is a way to get them excited about nutrition.  3. Remind kids about the difference between food, snacks and junk food.  I take a very strong stance against non-organic chemicalized junk food. I believe artificial colors and preservatives are hurting our children by causing childhood obesity, allergies, and hyperactivity disorders, and they have no place in the home. Whenever my kids are hungry, I offer a complete meal--protein, two types of vegetables, a whole grain and a fruit. When they are just looking for something to munch on, I offer fruit along with a organic packaged snack or homemade treat. As for junk food, I try my best to limit it by teaching them that most foods with TV commercials and characters on the box is a junk food. This broad rule makes it easy for them to figure out what's junky for themselves!  4. Lead by example.  Kids emulate their parents habits and behaviors, so instead of telling them to eat their veggies, show them how satisfying and delicious veggies can be. Before long you will have them wanting to try whatever it is you're eating!  Check out my blog www.buddhabowlsandburpees.com and my Instagram @buddhabowlsandburpees for easy recipes and wellness tips to get yourself and your whole family feeling well.