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The New Year is the perfect opportunity to make a positive change. One change that almost everybody can make is reducing their consumption of sugar. “Sugar is so bad for you!” We’ve heard it a million times. What doesn’t get talked about that often is why sugar is so bad for you. Sugar impacts our bodies in so many ways that many may not realize. 

Here are the 5 biggest health effects that come from excess sugar consumption: 

1. Unnecessary Calories

Sugar contains no nutritional value, making it a source of empty calories. Giving up just one can of traditional soda per day will save you over 54,000 calories over the course of a year. Keeping all things equal, cutting out that one can of soda per day can save you over 15 pounds!

2. Your Appetite

Not all calories affect your body the same way. Consuming sugar has been shown to be less satisfying and less filing than calories from other sources.Since consuming sugar doesn’t curb your hunger, you’re more likely to eat more, in spite of your calorie surplus.

3. Possibly Linked to Cancer Risk
Regularly consuming sugar keeps insulin levels elevated. <Having evaluated insulin levels is linked to cancer risk. Even more, regular sugar consumption causes inflammation, which scientists also believe may contribute to cancer risk.
4. Highly Addictive
Consuming sugar releases dopamine in the brain. The more sugar that’s consumed, the more dopamine is released in the reward center of the brain. This is the same effect that drugs have on dopamine levels in our brain.Studies have even shown that people susceptible to addiction can become strongly addicted to sugar too.
5. Heart Disease

For years, fat has been blamed for causing heart disease. Studies now show that heart disease is also a product of sugar consumption, not just fat. Sugar raises your LDL cholesterol and blood sugar levels, both factors that contribute to heart disease, and in as little as 10 weeks.


We want urge you to have a healthy 2018. Simply reducing your sugar intake by a little can make a big impact.

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We are not medical doctors and cannot give medical advice. As always, we suggest consulting your doctor if you have any questions regarding your stevia consumption and any affects it may have on any pre-existing conditions.