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Chicken soup isn’t just good for the soul--there’s a reason it’s prescribed by doctors and mothers when you’re feeling under the weather. In fact, all bone broths — beef, chicken, fish, lamb, and more — are staples in the traditional diets of every culture.  What is Bone Broth? Bone broth is just what it sounds like -- a broth that's made by boiling bones in water with an acid (like vinegar) along with spices, vegetables and herbs. As the broth cooks, collagen, nutrients, and amino acids leach out of the bones and into the broth, which is why this ancient food is making a major comeback! Benefits of Bone Broth According to our friends at Bam Bam Bone Broth, consuming bone broth regularly can yield the following benefits:
  • Fights inflammation

  • Heals and seals leaky gut

  • Inhibits infection

  • Promotes strong healthy bones

  • Promotes hair and nail growth

  • Helps with joint and pain recovery

  • Boosts your immune system

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How To Use Bone BrothThe recommended serving size is 1-2 cups a day. Some people like to sip it on its own, but we know that's not for everyone. Here are a few other ways to incorporate it into your diet:
  • Soup: add some of your favorite vegetables, meat, seasoning and you have a nourishing meal.
  • Sauce: mix in a bit of low glycemic arrowroot and you’ve made delicious gravy.
  • Risotto: add a cup of water for every cup of broth.
Here are 40 recipes that use bone broth