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We are excited to become a member of the Dean’s Natural Market Family and support their mission of providing better health for a better world!

Our Story

As a collegiate student-athlete, our little brother was tired. His campus store offered the usual bottled coffees and energy drinks loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. Refusing to settle for the norm, he turned to a blender in his dorm room and enhanced his coffee with positive energy from healthy ingredients.

Before long, his teammates, classmates, coaches and professors were all drinking his dorm room concoction. That’s when he teamed up with his two older brothers to share our Super Coffee with the world! We believe if we change our energy, we can change our world!

Cheers to Positive Energy for Positive Change!Jordan, Jake and Jimmy.

What Makes Us Super:

We approach our products in the same way we approach our lives: remove the negatives and add the positives. With only 80 calories made from organic Colombian coffee, 10g of protein, 0g of sugar (sweetened with organic monk fruit) and MCT Oil, we created a delicious better-for-you energy drink made from the best energy sources.

Super Coffee comes in four different flavors: Creamy Black, Vanilla Bean, Maple Hazelnut and Smooth Mocha.

We also abide by the ketogenic “keto” diet, which is a lifestyle focused on consuming high healthy fats, adequate amount of protein, low to no carbs and zero sugar. In short, our bodies burn fats for fuel more efficiently than carbs and sugars, keeping us more energized, focused and fuller for longer.

Why Join the Super Family:
Do you remember the feeling of being on a team? The comradery, support and dedication to a common goal is the most gratifying feeling. Understanding this, and coming from an athletic background, we live by a simple mantra:

Change Your Energy

Change Your World

Every “Super Fam” member loves to catalyse change in their community and approach life with a sense of drive, passion, teamwork, activeness and health. We’re athlifers.

When choosing to drink a Super Coffee, you aren’t buying a product, but rather joining the ranks of professional athletes, influencers, teachers and everyday athlifers committed to spreading more positive energy for positive change, wherever they go.

How You Can Find Us:
Check you open air cooler, usually next to all of our friends in the Kombucha and Cold Brew. If you love Super Coffee a lot, feel free to order cases on our website,

For your daily dose of the Super life, follow us on social media: @drinksupercoffee