Many thanks to David Hellman, author of The Karma Sense Eating Plan, for coming out to speak about Karma Sense Eating - A Skeptics Guide to Mindful Eating.  Here are the key takeaways from his presentation:  1. Diets that focus on changing what you eat don't work.  Most diets don't work because they try to make you conform to a set of rules that work from the outside in. They don't recognize that there are many factors that impact your health. When you make adjustments to one, the others fight that change to bring your body back to the current state. The best way to overcome your body's natural desire to stay the same is to focus more on HOW you eat as opposed to WHAT you eat.2. Developing a regular mindful eating practice is the best way to control how you eat. We tend to make bad food choices when we eat in a mindless way. When we eat mindlessly, we're less attuned with the signal our body give us for hunger, satisfaction, and cravings. Mindful eating gets us back in touch with the reasons why we eat and how the foods we choose make us feel.  BUT... you can't just flick a switch and decide to become a mindful eater. It takes practice. Learn more about mindful eating here: http://www.daveyhwellness.com/foodcast/karma-sense-eating-episode-foodcast-now-live/   Never miss an event. Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive new event announcements right in your inbox or visit our News & Events page.