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The following content was provided by Eternal Water: Eternal Water is sourced from Naturally Alkaline Springs. Their water filters through layers of ancient rock absorbing essential minerals making it Naturally Alkaline. These layers of rock also provide protection from pollution, providing a Pure & Pristine source of water. It arrived in this bottle as nature intended!  Sourced in the U.S.APure & Pristine water doesn’t need to come from Fiji or France. Eternal is sourced from some of the best water in the world, right here in America. Our protected underground sources are located in pristine and isolated places far from industrialization. These pristine and remote locations are the perfect setting for Nature’s Perfect Water. Natural ElectrolytesThere’s nothing “Smart” about adding electrolytes to filtered water like other water brands. Eternal Water is different because it has naturally occurring electrolytes that come right from our Pure & Pristine underground sources. As their water filters through layers of ancient rock it absorbs essential minerals naturally. Naturally AlkalineSome other Alkaline waters are designed in a laboratory and then artificially processed. They use filtered water, add minerals, and then electrocute the water to make it Alkaline. Yuck! Eternal Water is different because their water comes from Naturally Alkaline Springs. They add nothing to their water. It arrives in the bottle as nature intended!  Give this beautiful water a try while it's on sale all of January!
  • 600 ml: 69¢*

  • 1 ltr: 99¢*

  • 1.5 ltr: 2/$3*

For more, check out eternalwater.com   *Price valid 1/1 - 1/31, 2017 See What Else Is Currently On Sale