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Just because winter is over does not mean the vitamin C should be put away.  Especially for those who suffer with allergies and asthma. Allergy season is here and vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid, plays a vital role in keeping them at bay. Did you know vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant and is needed for about 300 metabolic functions? Our bodies cannot produce vitamin C, so, it is crucial for our health to obtain it through foods or supplements. Clinical studies show that vitamin C intake benefits the body in many ways including:
  • Improving asthma & allergies
  • Boosting immunity
  • Reducing cancer rates
  • Protecting against pollution and cigarette smoke
  • Aiding wound healing
  • Strengthening capillaries and connective tissue
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Protecting the heart
  • Greater cognitive abilities as we age
These are just a few of the hundreds of ways vitamin C helps us stay healthy. Taking vitamin C with bioflavonoids my help increase absorption.  For optimal effectiveness, supplemental vitamin C should be taken in divided doses, two times a day. Suggested adult dosage: 500 mg twice daily. Please remember to check with your doctor before starting any new dietary or supplement regimen. For a personalized health consultation, stop in one of our stores.