Meditation is a great way to boost your confidence and connect with your inner self. It helps get rid of the traumatizing events of the past by disassociating you with the past and make you more mindful towards the activities of the present. In the century dominated by depression and anxiety, meditation works as a complimentary alternative medicine/tool and is considered as the food of suffering soul. Meditation actively induces feelings of positivity and peacefulness in you, and it is the result of meditation that you learn to compromise and aspire for the overall well being of the society. Well talking about all the benefits of the meditation and sound healing you must be intrigued to know about the science behind meditation and sound healing. This article will help you understand what is sound healing and what is the science behind sound healing. What is sound healing?   The basic principle of sound healing is that everything in the universe has its resonance. This means that our thoughts, our body and everything that surrounds us vibrate at a particular frequency. Therefore, to achieve tranquility and peace of mind, it is necessary to fine-tune each element of your body as well as your thoughts much in the same way as you tune the different strings of a guitar. The process of sound healing is very complex to understand because even if a single part of our body is stressed it would disturb the entire frequency of our body making it out of balance and therefore to achieve the balance back, we have to fine tune our body again. Moreover, as our bodies and different and unique from one another the sound healing therapy cast a different effect on each one of us. The science behind sound healing and meditation: The brain imaging technology has proved that there are different circuits in our brain that operate at different frequencies. The frequency at which these circuits oscillate was first discovered in the 1970s. It was found that certain brain waves effect the frequency of our mind and its ability to perform certain functions. These brain waves include alpha, beta, gamma and theta waves.
  • Gamma waves are known as the fastest brain waves that have a high frequency. These waves are known to processes the information obtained from different areas of the brain. In order to utilize the best of gamma waves, it is necessary that we tune our mind to stay quiet and relaxed.
  • The beta waves rule during our state of consciousness empowering us to focus on the cognitive tasks. These waves are responsible for inducing positivity and rationality which enables us to make logical and timely decisions.
  • Alpha waves are active when we are entangled in deep thoughts. The most powerful feature of these waves is that it help us to adjust to our present. These waves are responsible for keeping the mind in a healthy state.
  • Theta waves are associated with the principle of learning and memory storage. These waves become more active when we fall asleep, and they are also dominant in deep meditation. As already mentioned the alpha waves are dominant in deep meditation which helps us to detach ourselves from the sufferings of the materialistic world and make us more focused on our intuition.
Sound healing can prove to be an effective natural therapy for the cure of both chronic and emotional illness. As confirmed through extensive research sound meditation with its powerful resonance can destroy cancer cells and aid in the regeneration of the bones. Regular meditation enables people to effectively control their negative emotions and secure a stable state of mind and body. To conclude sound healing has scientific benefits that can overall induce a sense of well being and satisfaction with our present.  About The Author: Odette Cecilia, originally from Venezuela, learned intuitively to meditate through creative visualization. Her depth of spirit led to her interest in and love of the healing arts, and most specifically, the use of sound frequencies and music to enhance spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being in others. As a Sound Healing Meditation Therapist and Reiki Master, Odette has worked in the US and globally providing sound healing meditations. Odette Cecilia uses the harp, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and other instruments in conjunction with guided visualization and meditation in the sound therapy that she offers to both individuals and groups. You can learn more about Odette at her website AwakeningSacredSpace.com.