Kierra is 21 years old and a part time employee at Dean’s. She used to work at a national fast food chain where she felt trapped with highly toxic, unhealthy food. Since coming to Dean’s, she feels her health took a 180° turn. Here’s her story: Brittany: When did you make the switch and by “the switch” what does that mean? Kierra: When I started working at Dean’s, I decided to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Dean’s customers and employees motivated me, and realized I could do this. I started by moving away from eating all processed foods to mostly unprocessed foods. Breakfast at my old job typically looked like a sandwich with highly processed eggs, cheese, and bacon; breakfast at Dean’s looks like a piece of fruit, granola bar, and sprouted grain bread. Brittany: What changes have you noticed since you started your journey? Kierra: Well let me just list them out for you!
  • Having energy that lasts all day and not feeling like I have to crash
  • Waking up feeling like I want to start my day, instead of wanting to roll back to bed
  • Losing 15 pounds – my biggest accomplishment!
I feel like my momentum is back--especially moving around at work, because I use food as energy now. Remember: you are what you eat! Brittany: Did you discover any new favorite foods along the way? Kierra: Oh yes, I absolutely love kale. My friends make fun of me for it, but I don’t care because now my friends are wondering what I’m doing to stay motivated, which makes me feel so good. I also love the LÄRABARs, Kettle Brand chips, Dean’s Mega Green juice, and coconut milk ice-cream. I had no idea ice cream that tastes so satisfying can be made from a coconut! I learn every day and will continue to expand this list. Brittany: Any struggles during your switch? Kierra: CRAVINGS! Sometimes I just want to have fried chicken. I’m hoping to use Dean’s free cooking classes to learn how to cook healthy meals for myself, though. Brittany: What recommendations would you tell people about your amazing journey? Kierra: Continue to push, and you will see results--the transition will be worth it. The best part about it is influencing your family and friends.