Food & Recipes
We've got lots of great items on sale in our 100% organic produce section this week*. Here are just a few of them along with recipes for inspiration.

1. Organic Red & Green Bartlett Pears


We are taking green smoothies to a whole new level with this Ginger Pear Green Smoothie. Adding one pear to your morning smoothie routine gives you 6 grams of extra fiber!

Reg. Price: $2.49/lb.  Dean's List Sale Price: Organic Red Bartlett Pears: $1.49/lb. Organic Green Bartlett Pears: $1.29/lb.

2. Organic Cucumbers & Red Peppers

Organic Red Peppers and StrawberriesWelcome spring by flushing out the winter blues with this Strawberry, Lime, and Cucumber Water. Strawberries add just the right amount of natural flavor and sweetness to this light and refreshing drink.

Reg. Price:

Organic Cucumbers: $3.99/lb.

Organic Red Peppers: $4.99/lb.

Dean's List Sale Price:

Organic Cucumbers: $1.49/lb.

Organic Red Peppers: $2.99/lb.


3. Organic Pineapple & Mini Watermelon

Organic Pineapple and WatermelonThese easy Watermelon Pineapple Popsicles are refreshing, delicious, and only require two ingredients! Yes, you read that right: TWO ingredients ;)  Reg. Price: Organic Pineapple: $3.99/ea.Organic Mini Watermelon: $4.99/ea.

Dean's List Sale Price:

Organic Pineapple: $3.49/ea.

Organic Mini Watermelon: $2.99/ea.

*Sale prices valid 04/24 - 04/30 See our full list of current sale items here.