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We've got lots of great items on sale in our 100% organic produce section this week*. Here are just a few of them along with recipes for inspiration.

1. Organic Blackberries

Organic Blackberries Did you know: blackberries give you the best carb to fiber ratio of any other berry? Start your morning with this refreshing Blackberry, Banana, and Mint Smoothie–it will have you glowing all day. Reg. Price: $5.49/ea.Dean’s List Exclusive Price: $2.99/ea.

2. Organic Cucumber & Avocados

Organic Cucumber Turn your cucumbers into Noodles with Avocado Pepper Sauce for the perfect light lunch. Cucumbers contain multiple B vitamins, which play an important role in keeping our bodies running like well-oiled machines, and avocados contain healthy fats. Reg. Price:Cucumber: $2.99/lb.Avocados: $1.39/ea.Sale Price: Cucumber: $0.89/lb. (Dean's List Exclusive) Avocados: 10/$10

3. Organic Rainbow Peeled Carrots

organic rainbow peeled carrots Studies suggest that a diet rich in brightly colored fruits and vegetables can have important health benefits. Roasted Rainbow Peeled Carrots make a beautiful side dish – plus it doesn’t hurt that they are absolutely delicious ;) Reg Price: $3.49/ea.Sale Price: $2.99/ea.

4. Organic Portobello Mushrooms

Organic Portobello Mushroom

One Portobello Mushroom has about 30 calories and no fat or cholesterol, which is why you should replace that cheeseburger with a Portobello Mushroom Burger for a healthier, satisfying dinner option this week. Reg. Price: $4.49/ea. Sale Price: $3.59/ea.

5. Organic D'Anjou Pears

D Anjou pear With just 5-minutes of prep, you can be on your way to a delicious Cinnamon Baked Pears. Bonus: pears contain flavonoids, which can help to improve insulin sensitivity. Now that’s a dessert you can feel good about eating! Reg. Price: $2.39/lb.Sale Price: $1.59/lb.

 See the full list of produce sale items here.  *Sale prices valid 4/18 - 4/24