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We've got lots of great items on sale in our 100% organic produce section this week*. Here are just a few of them along with recipes for inspiration.

1. Organic Gala Apples

Organic Gala ApplesCrisp, juicy gala apples are the perfect natural sweetener for Overnight Oats. Not to mention they contain 5 grams of dietary fiber per serving! Reg. Price: $3.29/lb.Sale Price: $2.49/lb.

2. Organic Romaine Lettuce

Organic Romaine Lettuce  Romaine lettuce is a healthy source of iron and calcium, which is why you should give your tortilla a veggie make-over with these Romaine Wrap Ups for lunch this week. Reg. Price: (3 Pack) $3.29/ea. Sale Price: 2/$5

3. Organic Cauliflower

organic cauliflower Cauliflower is not only low in calories, it's also loaded with vitamin C, potassium, fiber, and folic acid. Plus, these Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes are a guilt free and a delicious way to cut those carbs down. Reg. Price: $3.79/ea.Sale Price: $2.99/ea.

4. Organic Asparagus

Organic Asparagus   Asparagus is a solid stand-alone veggie with all its folate and vitamin K, but when paired with this Creamy Vegan Risotto, it brings Spring right to the dinner table! Reg. Price: $5.99/lb.Sale Price: $3.99/lb.

5. Organic Blackberries

Organic BlackberriesThis Blackberry Sorbet Recipe only uses four ingredients and comes together in less than five minutes. And as if that wasn’t reason enough to make this yummy treat, blackberries have one of the highest antioxidant levels of any fruit. Reg. Price: $5.49/ea.Sale Price: $2.99/ea.

 See the full list of produce sale items here. *Sale prices valid 4/25 - 5/01