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Whether you're planning a road trip, hike, beach day, or anything in between, these 9 snacks will help you keep your healthy habits on track during your next summer adventure. 1. Popcorn Popcorn is a great fiber-rich, low-calorie, 100% whole grain snack. It's also incredibly light-weight, which is handy if you'll be carrying it around for a while.  2. Nuts & Seeds Nuts & seeds are great plant-based sources of healthy fats and protein. Snag a package of your favorite type or visit the bulk section and create your own trail mix!   3. Fresh Fruit  Fresh fruit is always a great option. It's delicious, sweet, healthy, and portable--an all-around win!  4. Fresh Veggies Anything crunchy or bite-sized that you and your crew loves is best--carrots, celery, broccoli, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes are all great choices. Consider pairing them with a side of guacamole or hummus if you have access to a cooler or refridgerator.  5. Nut Butter  The perfect accompaniment to fresh fruit and veggies--no refrigeration required! Grab a handful of single-serve packs if you want a little light-weight variety or pack a jar of your favorite.  6. Dried Fruit or Fruit Leather If you're not going to have access to refrigeration or a cooler for a while, dried fruit and fruit leathers can be your best friend -- especially when your sweet tooth calls.  7. Hard Boiled Eggs Hard boiled pastured eggs are a cheap and convenient source of protein and other vital nutrients. Just be sure keep them in the shell and refrigerate them / keep them in a cooler if they aren't going to be eaten within a few hours.   8. Bars Bars pack a lot of nutrition into a small, portable package, making them a great choice for when you need something a little more substantial. 9. Water Staying hydrated is important (especially in the summer heat), and good old water will quench your thirst without added sugar or calories. Struggle with drinking plain water? Try seltzer or sparkling mineral water for a little fizz or infuse your water with fresh fruit and herbs for a hint of flavor.  Bonus Tip Save money and the planet by cutting back on plastic bags and arranging your favorite snacks into a reusable bento or multi-compartment lunch box instead. This will help you keep your portions in check as well!