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It’s that time of the year again… Labor Day!   This weekend, we’ll gather with friends and family for one last summer bash. But as you prepare for picnics, parties, and weekend getaways, don’t forget about your health goals. With a few simple tips, you can survive the holiday without forgetting your healthy habits.   Follow these meal ideas from Jane Harrington, Dean's registered dietitian in Chester, to enjoy your Labor Day Weekend and still feel great when it’s over. The best part: many of the ingredients used are on sale!  1. Hummus and Veggies All flavors of Hope Hummus are on sale this weekend--it's a yummy dip to pair with vegetables at your Labor Day barbecue. The main ingredient, chickpeas, are a great source of plant-based protein. In fact, the United Nations named 2016 the international year of the pulse (beans, legumes, and peas), because they are nutrient-dense, fiber rich, and a sustainable food choice. 2. Kabobs Grill up some veggies this Labor Day and turn them into a kabob. Zucchini squash, cherry tomatoes, and sweet onions are perfect for grilling. Chop them up and throw them on the grill, along with peppers and mushrooms. Veggie kabobs are a fun way to add more vegetables to your holiday party. 3. Red, White, and Blue Berry Dessert  Mix up some berries and add a spoonful whipped cream for a sweet treat. Strawberries are good sources of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fiber. SO delicious coconut whipped cream is a tasty dairy free option. Enjoy the holiday!