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This week for #WhatsForDinnerWednesday, we're making simple homemade kale salad with vegan Caesar dressing, wrapped with Gardein's Seven Grain Crispy Tenders in a sprouted grain tortilla. This dish isn't just easy, it's also loaded with fiber and nutrients--a real win-win :)  INGREDIENTS:
  • 1 bunch of organic green kale
  • Organic croutons
  • Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders
  • Food For Life Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Tortillas
  • 1/4 cup Hope Plain Hummus
  • 1 tsp spicy mustard
  • 1/2 tsp lemon zest
  • 2-3 tbsp (30-45 ml) lemon juice, to taste
  • 2 tsp organic capers, finely minced/smashed, plus 3 tsp brining juice
  • 3 tbsp fresh minced organic garlic (4-5 cloves)
  • Healthy pinch each sea salt & pepper, to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 430º F.
  2. Remove tough stems from kale and cut into ribbons while oven is heating; set aside.
  3. When oven is hot, bake frozen tenders for 16 minutes, turning once, until crispy.
  For the Dressing:
  1. In a small mixing bowl, add hummus, spicy mustard, lemon zest + juice, minced capers + brining juice, and minced garlic. Whisk thoroughly to combine.
  2. Add a little hot water to thin the mixture until pour-able. Whisk until creamy and smooth taste.
  3. Adjust flavor as needed, adding more salt and pepper, lemon juice, or minced garlic if desired.
  To Assemble the Wraps:
  1. Cut "chicken strips" into bite size pieces.
  2. Combine kale, croutons, dressing & "chicken strips" and toss.
  3. Add to the wraps and roll up like a burrito.
  4. Serve & enjoy!
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