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We've got lots of great items on salein our 100% organic produce section this week*. Here are just a few of them along with recipes for inspiration.

1. Organic Galia Melons

Organic Galia Melons Stay hydrated during the heat with this Galia Melon Breakfast Smoothie. Melons in general are great breakfast eats because they are hydrating, low in calories and high in nutrients like potassium - an important electrolyte for replenishing your body and assisting in hydration. Reg. Price: $5.99/ea.Dean's List Sale Price: $4.99/ea.

2. Organic Mini Watermelons

Organic Mini Watermelons

Watermelons are mostly water — about 92 percent — but this refreshing fruit is also soaked with nutrients. Each juicy bite of this Watermelon Fire and Ice Salsa Recipe has significant levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, lots of lycopene, antioxidants and amino acids.

Reg. Price:  $5.99/ea.

Dean's List Sale Price: $4.99/ea.

3. Organic Bi-Color Sweet Corn

Organic Local Bi Sweet Corn This Coconut Bi-Color Sweet Corn Salad will help fill you up without the extra calories. A 1-cup portion of cooked sweet corn contains about 143 calories, according to the USDA National Nutrient Database. Reg. Price: $1.19/ea.Dean's List Sale Price: 5/$5

4. Organic Broccolini

Organic Spaghetti Squash Broccolini is higher in protein than most other vegetables and contains 2.6 grams of fiber per serving, making it a quality dinner choice. Give it a try in this Spring Broccolini Quinoa Bowl.

Reg. Price: $3.99/ea.

Dean's List Sale Price: $1.99/ea.

5. Organic Gala Apples

Organic Gala ApplesWho’s ready to beat this crazy heat and head into fall? These fiber-packed 3 Ingredient Homemade Apple Chips will make you feel like it’s already here. Reg. Price: $3.99/lb.Sale Price: $2.49/lb.

  See the full list of produce sale items here. *Sale prices valid 8/15 - 8/21