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Give a shout if you love fruit! If you love fruit as much as we do, you’re going to LOVE You Love Fruit leathers! They're vegan, organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and low sugar. These cute little bite-sized fruit leathers almost seem too good to be true. With minimal ingredients, delicious flavors, and an awesome chewy texture, each package contains four grams of dietary fiber!    Our employees love them too--here's what they have to say about them: "Ever since I discovered them, I have had a stash in my bag almost constantly. They're nice and light and don't take up much room. More importantly, they're extremely tasty and are perfect for when I need a little sweet treat." - Andrea Tudor, Marketing Department "I really love these fruit snacks because they are naturally sweet without any added sugar. They taste absolutely delicious!" - JennaRae Alexy, Fresh Foods Department  "Sometimes I just need that extra boost sitting at my desk all day and these give me instant energy. The ingredients are my favorite part - so pure and wholesome!" - Brittany Bernstein, Event Coordinator & Marketing Department  "I honestly cannot keep enough stocked in my pantry - I eat 4 a day!" - Marc Tremari, Grocery Department "I throw a package in my son's lunchbox every day, and he says, 'Mom, it tastes just like candy!'" - Mia Graham, Juice Bar  Our favorite thing about You Love Fruit is their clean ingredients. Let's compare to a similar conventional fruit leather snack: ​ You Love Fruit products make snacking healthier! And best of all: they will be on sale all June-long for 4/$5, Reg. $1.99/ea.* -- so now's the time to give them a try! *Price Valid 6/1 - 6/30