Organic, Non-GMO, & Natural Grocery Store in NJ

You can shop our grocery aisles with confidence; we never compromise the quality and integrity of our products and are committed to offering the very best and healthiest natural, organic and non-GMO groceries available. You’ll find a variety of clean, healthy offerings you can’t find at traditional supermarkets.

We carry thousands of grocery staples, along with a full selection of foods geared towards special diets such as gluten-free, raw foods, vegan and vegetarian, sugar-free and more.

Dean's Brand Foods

Try one of our many Certified Organic and Certified Kosher Dean’s Brand Foods. We offer Raw Nuts & Seeds, Dry Roasted Nuts & Seeds, Dried Fruit, Fair Trade Locally Roasted Coffee, Nut Butters, Trail Mix, and Chocolate Covered Nuts & Fruits (made with Fair Trade chocolate).

Natural & Organic Frozen Foods

Our frozen food department combines the healthy benefits of organic and natural ingredients along with great taste and convenience that our busy times demand. We carry a large selection of wheat-free and gluten-free foods, frozen fruits and vegetables, as well as vegetarian entrees, meats, poultry products and wild-caught fish. We also carry frozen bread made from sprouted grains, and without sweeteners or salt. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth with our large selection of frozen dairy and non-dairy desserts, ice creams, gelatos, waffles, and pies.

Organic, Pastured Meat & Dairy

Our meat & dairy department carries organic pastured cage-free eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, free-range poultry, and grass-fed meats. We also offer natural and organic deli slices, bacon, and wild sustainably caught fish.

Looking for something in particular and can’t find it? Ask a Grocery Manager and they will be happy to help you find it, find an alternative or special-order it for you. Your satisfaction is what matters most.

Non-GMO Pantry & Organic Bulk

Our bulk section is 100% organic, and all of our pantry items are free of GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners, added sulfites, artificial colors, flavors and/or dyes.

Fair Trade Coffee & Tea

Whether you like to start your day with a caffeine boost or just like to relax and unwind with some herbal tea, coffee and tea drinkers can rejoice in the fact that all of our coffees and teas are responsibly sourced.

Eco-Friendly Household Supplies

When it comes to keeping your house in tip-top shape, we’ve got you covered with eco-friendly products that are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, and perfumes.

All-Natural Pet Food

Our furry friends deserve quality natural and organic food too. Our pet section features top quality foods from Dr. Harvey’s and Castor & Pullox.