Online Ordering with Deans Natural Food Market
Questions and Information on Getting Started

How do I place an order?

Simply browse or search the site for your favorite items, and click “Add To Cart” while browsing, or within in item’s details page.  When you’re done shopping, click on your cart at the top right of the page.  Make any desired changes to your cart, then click the “Checkout” button.  Enter your information (if you’re not already logged in with your existing Deans List account), select your pickup day and time, and review and confirm your cart.  Come to the store at the determined pickup time, and pick up our drink and online order ticket.  Present your ticket to a cashier for checkout at the register.

Can I use the Deans List account I’ve already been using in store?

Yes! If you already have a Deans card, you can link your store and online accounts by clicking “Login / Register” near the top right of the page. When visiting the site for the first time, proceed as a new customer. If you’ve previously provided your e-mail address in the store, you can use that same address to create your online account. You’ll then have access to the same Deans List pricing you see in the store, as well as your shopping history, both in-store and online. IMPORTANT – You must have a valid e-mail address on file in order to link your store account to the website.

Why do I need to provide an email and phone number?

What is that information used for? We will use this contact info to alert you of the status of your online order, and will occasionally let you know of upcoming events, and offers, as well as send exclusive coupons via email. While preparing your online order, we may also call you to confirm weights of certain items, substitutions, etc.

Are online prices any different than the prices offered in the store?

No! The prices you see in our stores are the same as those you’ll see online. Once you sign into your Deans List account, you’ll have access to all the same sales and store-exclusive pricing.

Is there a fee for shopping online with Deans?

No! We’re excited for our customers to use and enjoy this new service, so there are no order processing or “convenience” fees! When can I pick up my order? In-store pickups can be scheduled throughout the day, beginning one hour after the store opens, until one hour before closing. Availability of pickup times will also depend on the number of orders already scheduled to be picked up at a given time.

How do I find the products I’m looking for?

Simply use the navigation bar across the top of the site to browse products by category.  You can also use the search bar at the top of the page.  Search by product description, health attribute, etc.

Do I pay online, or in-store?

In-store. Once your order is prepared and ready for pickup, all you’ll need to do is pay at the register. No bagging, weighing, or scanning needed!

Is delivery offered?

At this time, only store pickup is available for online orders.

What if I don’t see some of my favorite products online?

Just ask us! We’re starting out by offering our most popular and requested products, and more will be continuously added over time. To request that a specific item be made available online, ask to speak with a store manager, or email us at *availability may vary.

Is online ordering available at all Deans locations?

At this time, online ordering is available only for our Ocean Township location and our new café in Metuchen, NJ. The service will be coming to other locations soon!

Can I add special instructions or requests to my order?

Yes, you’ll have the option to add notes to individual items in your cart, or at the end of your order.

What do the letters/symbols mean over the product images?

We want our customers to be educated about the products they buy, so those symbols represent the various health attributes of those products. Some common examples are:

O4/O3/O2 = Organic

NG = Non-GMO

VG = Vegan

GF = Gluten Free

CF = Cage Free

FT = Fair Trade

I know an item is on sale, but why don’t I see the sale price while browsing?

Some product discounts aren’t applied until the item is added to your cart. Common examples include 6-packs of soda and other multi-pack items. To ensure you’re viewing the best pricing, always make sure you’re logged into your Deans List account.