Healthy Eating Resources

Choose my Plate: Using the government’s healthy eating guidelines, you can plan for better portion control.

National Grocers Association: Learn more about independent supermarkets throughout the United States.

Natural Products Association: Discover retailers in your area who sell natural food products.

Vegan & Vegetarian Resources

Eating Well: A guide to making healthier food choices while enjoying a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, including blog posts on excluding sugar. When visiting Eating Well, you can grab meat-free recipes that the entire family will enjoy.

The Vegan Society: Learn how to enjoy a Vegan lifestyle and a greener existence with the Vegan Society.

The Vegetarian Times: Discover retailers in your area who sell natural food products.

A Few Charities We Work with

Konscious Youth Development Service: KYDS works with communities throughout New Jersey to ensure children at risk of an unsafe childhood enjoy a thriving existence.

Mary’s Place by the Sea: A seaside retreat for women recovering from cancer, providing a tranquil environment in which they can heal.

The Willow School: An independent school in New Jersey that provides a unique approach to child education. Those who study there grow up to become confident and highly-skilled adults.

Other Resources

Single Throw Marketing: A comprehensive digital marketing service that will transform the way your business operates online.