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This Overnight Oats recipe made with Purely Elizabeth Blueberry Lemon Oats is simple and easy to make! Their new oatmeal line is loaded with ancient grains and superfood seeds for a nutrient-rich punch.. not to mention it tastes as good as it looks! Ingredients:  1 Blueberry Lemon Vibrant Oat Cup  1/3 cup almond milk  Dash of blue majik Toppings: 1 tbsp lemon zest  ¼ cup blueberries  2 tbsp pecans  2 tbsp yogurt  Granola (featured in your vibrant oat topper!) Instructions:  Add almond milk + blue majik to Vibrant Oat Cup and let sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, mix it around, add a dollop of yogurt and other toppings! If [...]
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News flash: exposure to the sun can actually be good for you. Just 15 minutes of daily exposure stimulates the skin to help supply all of the Vitamin D you need. Unfortunately, almost one-half of Americans and two-thirds of Canadians don’t get enough Vitamin D. Almost 1 billion people worldwide fail to get enough of this vital nutrient, according to Science Daily, a U.S. website. That makes it among the most common nutritional deficiencies.  Exposure to sunlight is important because Vitamin D is relatively hard to obtain in many diets. Egg yolks, mushrooms and oily fish are among the few foods [...]