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To excite your palate with new flavors and textures, while sneaking healthy nutrients into your next batch of baked goods, replace a quarter to a third of a recipe’s wheat flour with one of these five gluten-free flours. Coconut Flour This versatile flour is finely ground from dried coconut meat, with a lower glycemic index than most traditional flours. Its rich texture and natural sweetness make it great for baking. Due to its high fiber content, it absorbs lots of liquid, so increase the liquid in the recipe by an equal amount.   Try: Nutiva Organic Coconut Flour     Garbanzo Bean Flour Commonly used in Indian [...]
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Many of my patients share with me that grocery shopping is often too time consuming and a chore for them. As I shared with the group at Dean's last week, my hope was that the tour would spark a new passion and joy for grocery shopping and that it would become something they would eventually look forward to. Once we nourish our body with healthy and nutrient-dense foods—our excitement for shopping for those foods will flourish! For those of you who were there last week (or for those of you who missed it) I went through the store and identified over [...]