meal planning
As summer is winding down, the back to school frenzy is officially here! It is a time of excitement and anxiety, and when it comes to packing lunch, absolute dread. Will our kids eat the lunch we pack or trade it for a bag of chips? Will they lose their fancy stainless steel bento lunchbox after the second day? Does it even pay for us to send a healthy home lunch? With moms asking me so many questions related to back to school, I love to look at what it means to send a healthy lunch and the importance of [...]
Want to learn how to create more plant-based meals? We are thrilled to partner with the team at Living Plate to present a 28-Day Vegan Challenge. Spend 28-days eating only plants, and your confidence will soar.  Using Living Plate's plant-based, dietitian-created digital meal plan as a guide, you can select your meals for the week, generate a grocery list, and begin cooking simple, delicious meals the whole family will enjoy. Start slow by making one vegan meal a day or dive in head first. Each week you will receive plant-based recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. The plan is customizable, so [...]