Need to check a few more items off your holiday shopping list? Here's a handy guide to help you find some great gifts for $25 or less! 

1. Holiday Bar Soaps



Anyone who has a nose and skin will love these holiday soaps from Plantlife. They smell amazing, and the base is one of the gentlest of all soaps--known as Castile soap--making them suitable for all skin types. Best of all, they're hand-crafted using natural ingredients and include pure essential oils and organic botanicals.

Price: $5.25

2. Essential Oils 


These plant-derived oils can be used for everything from energy to relaxation. They can be added to a bath, used in homemade cleaning sprays, enjoyed in a diffuser, or added to DIY body & skin care (perfect if you enjoy giving crafty, homemade gifts!).

Bonus: Wyndmere essential oils are 20% off for Dean's List Members all December long

Price: $3.25 - $15.99

3. Gourmet Granola


Treats by Eileen Gourmet Granola has no trans fat, no cholesterol, no refined sugar, no added sodium, and no additives or preservatives. What it does have is giant clusters of all-natural granola goodness. Oh, and it's also vegan-friendly -- what's not to love?

Price: $8.99 - $24.99 

4. Soothing Bath Salts 


These bath salts by Best of Nature are naturally high in minerals and are perfect for the person in your life who could stand to relieve some stress and tension (which, let's face it, is just about everyone these days). Best of all, you'll be supporting another local business--they're located right in Eatontown, NJ!

Price: $13.35

5. Organic, Fair Trade Coffee

For that person on your list who won't drink just any coffee. Our Dean's Brand Coffee is certified fair trade and roasted locally in Red Bank, NJ. One Village coffee is also locally made in Pennsylvania and fair trade certified. Both are smooth and delicious!

Price: $12.99

6. A Nice Bottle Of Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar  

Oil & Vinegar


Versatile, flavorful, and essential in every kitchen, a nice bottle of olive oil or aged balsamic vinegar makes the perfect gift for the foodie in your life. 

Price: $11.99 - $22.99

7. Organic, Vegan Gourmet Chocolates


A great choice for anyone with a sweet tooth. Sjaak's Organic Chocolates are vegan, organic, and fair trade. They come in a variety of flavors, but our favorite has to be the gummy-filled chocolate Santa! 

Price: $2.99 - $9.99

8. Dean's Gift Cards


When all else fails, you can't go wrong with a gift card - especially when you get a $5 card for yourself every time you buy a gift card worth $50 or more. Everybody wins.

Still Struggling?

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