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White Hollands, Spanish Blacks, Standard Bronzes, Blue Slates and Bourbon Reds: these are a few of the heritage breeds that produce lively, curious birds that thrive on pasture and in woodlots. Foraging on lush grasses and simple grains during the day and roosting at night, heritage turkeys are known for their rich flavor and tender, delicious meat.

This Thanksgiving, Dean’s Natural Food Market is proud to partner with Underground Farms–- a local company promoting the meat and poultry of New Jersey farmers –- to bring responsibly-raised, delicious holiday turkeys to you and your family. This year we are offering turkeys that are born, raised and harvested in Mercer County, NJ. Never given antibiotics or hormones, these beautiful birds are in the fields all day, picking through grass, exploring the forest and gobbling behind the farmers as they go about their daily chores. Their foraging is supplemented by GMO-free locally-grown grains, and they are sold fresh, never frozen, to you through Dean’s.

Our quality turkeys can be clearly differentiated from the leading breed for the commercial meat industry: Broad Breasted Whites. Developed in the 1960s by crossing White Hollands with Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys, the breed is chiefly known for its rapid growth and abundance of nearly flavorless breast meat. Prone to heart disease, respiratory failure and joint damage as they age, these birds are typically raised in flocks of 10,000 or more in fully-automated grow-out barns on a diet consisting of GMO-corn-and-soybean grains. With trimmed beaks, declawed and crippled by the weight of their enormous bodies, the adults cannot fly or roost. Since their enlarged chests prevent them from reproducing naturally, this factory-farmed breed survives only through artificial insemination, a procedure routinely performed in the labs of America’s largest turkey producers.


We at Dean’s are thrilled to offer our customers the most delicious, nutritious, locally-raised turkeys available to make your holiday special. Check out our full Thanksgiving offerings HERE

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!